Digital Services

Our talented artists use the latest Windows and Macintosh technologies for compositing and page layout. Whether it's inserting your logo into an image, adding text to a photograph, creating a backlit display transparency or maybe even something as simple as outputing presentation slides, dpi's digital capabilities might be the answer. Bring us your layout and we can combine images from transparencies, negatives or flat art to create a file that can be used for slides, negatives or large format transparency.

Drum Scan


We offer scanning to fit a variety of needs, from Flatbed to Drum scanners, from low resolution gif files needed for internet usage to high resolution drum scans in RGB tiff files. Our drum scanner is capable of 5,000 DPI optical resolution scans and 11,000 DPI interpolated scans.

We also offer Konica film scans for 35mm, 645, 6 X 9, 6 X 7, and 6 X 6 negatives or print scans from originals up to 8" X 10".




For years, we've offered touch ups and restoration. We now do all retouching digitally.

Digital technology now allows us to do restorations that weren't possible a few years ago. We can bring back faded color and colorize black & white photos.


Digital Retouching
Slide Mounting 

Slides From Digital Files

We can output to 35mm slides from many popular presentation programs and in many file formats such as Power Point, can be normally output in 4 to 5 days.

Many digital files in tif or jpg format can be output to slides also.  These slides are useful for presentations and judging in shows.  In addition to the slide you will receive a 5 x 8 print, with your image on a black canvas, with your order.  These prints can be useful for your portfolio or as speaker notes.



Digi Pics

Economical scans from 35 mm negatives, 35mm slides, or prints from 2 x 2 to 5 x 7 size. These scans are placed onto CD in different file sizes and will work for Mac or Windows. The scans come with a viewing program at no charge! No photo prints are included in these prices. This premium service can store as many as 100 images on a CD with 5 or more different file sizes in jpg format. Individual images can be scanned up to 18 MB's in RGB tiff format to a Zip drive or written to CD.



Digital Prints



Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning Service

Douglas Photographic can take your worries away; by handling the cleaning of your Digital Camera Sensor.  Many camera owners have a great deal of apprehension about cleaning the sensor of their digital camera.  Our trained technicians at DPI will clean your camera thoroughly on the outside, before removing the lens to professionally clean your sensor.  Our technicians will use the most current equipment and supplies to perform the best possible service. 

Bring your camera in with a fully-charged battery, memory card and lens. We will take a photo with your camera and print it to identify sensor debris before cleaning, and to display sensor cleanliness after cleaning.

  • Sensor Cleaning $59.95 
  • Return shipping to United States
    via USPS Priority Mail $19.95
  • Shipping insurance is available
    and based upon your equipment value
    at prevailing USPS rates.
Sensor cleaning by DPI Professionals

Recommended Schedule

  • Professionals -
    • Monthly cleaning for your main camera.
    • Quarterly for your backup cameras.
  • Amateurs -
    • Quarterly for a serious hobbyist.
    • Semi-annual for casual users, but especially before you head out for vacations and other important photographic events.
Important Notes:
  • This cleaning service will require as much as 1 hour to complete.
  • Cleaning service is available on all digital SLR cameras. Not available on digital point-and-shoot style cameras.
  • If you are unable to leave your camera with us, please make an appointment to bring your camera in for cleaning service.
  • If you have any concerns about your battery holding a charge, it is best to bring your battery charger in with the camera.
  • Please notify us if you are shipping your camera to us for this service.  We recommend insuring your shipment and opting for signature confirmation of delivery.  Provide your email address and we will notify you via email upon arrival.