Online Orders
This page will now allow you to upload up to 15 images and 100mb  total per upload!
You can also use our new Online Orders - 30 form to upload up 30 images at a time.

Online Orders - Instruction Section

Please be sure to complete all REQUIRED(*) fields before submitting the form. Or simply login to have the fields filled in automatically.  See Note1 below. 

Any omitted fields will be considered Lab's Choice.

Your upload limit is 100mb total per upload.  

If you have more than 100mb total in the files your are uploading, you will be able to submit the form repeatedly to stay within the 100mb limit for each submission. 

A Tutorial Section is provided at the bottom of this page to help you complete this process with ease.  If you have not gone through this Tutorial before, please take 3 minutes to do so now.
Click here to view the tutorial before you begin.

If you have larger batches of files to upload, please click here to contact us for instructions on using our FTP site.

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Printing Instructions
Please see the section below on "Submitting Print Instructions" before completing these fields.
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