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Digital Sensor Cleaning
Digital Cameras use a "sensor" to capture images in much the same way that older cameras used film.  When it comes to cleanliness, film cameras had fewer problems because any dust that landed on the film typically moved along with the film as it was advanced through the camera, so only one or two frames might suffer as a result of that dust.  Digital camera sensor do not move and therefore do not create the same opportunity to eliminate dust. This creates the potential for a multitude of images being affected by even one spec of dust or junk (hair, lint, etc...) on the sensor.  Although many modern cameras include a sensor cleaning system, those systems do not eliminate the need for a periodic cleaning to remove stubborn particulate that the built-in system cannot shake loose.

Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning Service

Douglas Photographic can take your worries away; by handling the cleaning of your Digital Camera Sensor.  Many camera owners have a great deal of apprehension about cleaning the sensor of their digital camera.  Our trained technicians at DPI will clean your camera on the outside (to avoid introduction of additional dust), before removing the lens to professionally clean your sensor.  Our technicians will use the most current equipment and supplies to perform the best possible service.

Bring your camera in with a fully-charged battery, memory card and lens. We will take a photo with your camera to identify sensor debris before cleaning, as well as a photo after cleaning to display the sensor cleanliness and these photos will be  left on your memory card.

  • Sensor Cleaning $59.95 
  • Return shipping to United States
    via USPS Priority Mail $19.95
  • Shipping insurance is available
    and based upon your equipment value
    at prevailing USPS rates.

Recommended Schedule

  • Professionals -
    • Monthly cleaning for your main camera.
    • Quarterly for your backup cameras.
  • Amateurs -
    • Quarterly for a serious hobbyist.
    • Semi-annual for casual users, but especially before you head out for vacations and other important photographic events.
Important Notes:
  • This cleaning service will require as much as 1 hour to complete.
  • Cleaning service is available on all digital SLR cameras. Not available on digital point-and-shoot style cameras.
  • If you are unable to leave your camera with us, please call to make an appointment to bring your camera in for cleaning service.
  • When you bring your camera in; please provide us with your cell phone number so we can notify you as soon as your camera is ready for pickup.
  • If you have any concerns about your battery holding a charge, it is best to bring your battery charger in with the camera.
  • Please notify us if you are shipping your camera to us for this service.  We recommend insuring your shipment and opting for signature confirmation of delivery.  Provide your email address and we will notify you via email upon arrival.

Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning Subscriptions 

Sensor cleaning by DPI ProfessionalsKeep your digital camera sensor clean with a Douglas Photographic Imaging sensor cleaning subscription.

Purchase a subscription at a significant discount off our normal sensor cleaning rates and bring your camera in any time the sensor needs to be cleaned.

Professional subscription $395/year.

The recommended cleaning cycle for the sensor on a professional camera is monthly. With a professional subscription you can have your camera cleaned up to 12 times per year.

  • The first cleaning is done at the normal rate. After that your subscription includes 11 monthly maintenance cleanings* at a reduced rate. 

Hobbyist subscription $175/year.

The first cleaning is done at the normal rate. After that your subscription includes 3 quarterly maintenance cleanings* at a reduced rate. 

*Maintenance cleanings refers to normal sensor cleaning services, and does not include extraordinary dirt and debris caused by mishandling of the camera. External cleaning of the camera is done while cleaning the sensor only in as much as is necessary to prevent additional debris from entering the shutter block in the execution of the sensor cleaning.