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Video and Media Services
Video and Media Services

Douglas Photographic can transfer your VHS tapes to DVD, so you can modernize your library of precious family memories. We can also make multiple copies so you can distribute them to family and friends.  We can even create a DVD of your photos or videos from your digital camera.  But we don't stop there; we can also copy your images and videos from your digital camera media to DVD too.  Bring us your media and we'll get it onto a DVD to make it easier for you to use on your computer.  If you need to bring us the camera to figure out how to get your pictures off we can do that too.

DVD Transfers

  •  VHS to DVD - $15 / tape*1
    • extra DVD copies $10 / disc
  • DVD to DVD - $15 / disc*
    • Duplicate copies - $10 / disc
  • Compact Flash,
    Secure Digital,
    Memory Stick,
    XD or Flash Drive to DVD -
    $15 / disc*
    • Maximum 4.7 GB / disc
    • Duplicate copies - $10 / disc
  • Digital Camera Videos to DVD - $25 / disc
    • Maximum 2 hours of video / disc
    • Duplicate copies - $10 / disc
    • Additional charges may apply for converting video files to a format appropriate for playback on common devices (such as TVs).
  • Addition charges may apply for searching and indexing to specific scenes.

 * $20 minimum order

1 Standard DVD capacity is 2 hours, additional charges may apply if the VHS tape is longer than 2 hours of video.  Note: A DVD can be created to hold up to 8 hours of video.

Data Recovery Services

If you ever plug in your camera's memory card and can't find your pictures, STOP. Don't spend a moment worrying about how you lost your images, just get down to Douglas Photographic Imaging and let us help.  In most cases we can find your files and save them on CD or DVD for you.  We can even make prints or contact sheets for you at the same time.  Whatever you do, as soon as you see the problem: don't use the card any more.  Doing so can overwrite the files that are missing and make some of them impossible to recover.

VHS to DVD transfer services

Data recovery can be performed on any of the following media types:

  • Compact Flash
  • Secure Digital (SD)
  • Memory Stick (MS & MS Pro)
  • XD
  • Smart Media
  • Flash Drive / USB Jump Drive
  • Hard Drive

Data Recovery is priced at an hourly rate; the bigger the media the longer the time it may take to recover your photos and movies.

  • Data Recovery - $45 / hour*
  • CD (Maximum 700 MB) - $5.00 / disc
  • DVD (Maximum 4.7 GB) - $10 / disc

 * $15 minimum order