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    Douglas Photographic can take your worries away; by handling the cleaning of your Digital Camera Sensor. Many camera owners have a great deal of apprehension about cleaning the sensor of their digital camera. Our trained technicians at DPI will clean your camera thoroughly on the outside, before removing the lens to professionally clean your sensor. Our technicians will use the most current equipment and supplies to perform the best possible service.
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Copy Services
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All copy negatives are polarized when necessary to reduce glare and surface texture. We can provide a gray scale and/or color control patch (where room permits). Copies can be made from images of any size. The prices below are from originals up to 30 x 40. The price is doubled for originals up to 40 x 60. Larger sizes are by quote only.
Black & White / Color Negatives Copy Slides / Transparencies
35mm $8.75
4 x 5 20.85
5 x 7 30.80
8 x 10 42.90
Copy Slides
*35mm $10.65
35mm duplicates
from same image
4.75 each
4 x 5 38.50
8 x 10 82.50

*Minimum: $30.00 



Let us set your type for you. A wide variety of type styles are available. When ordering, please submit typewritten copy. Indicate type style, caps and positioning.
Per Word
$ .40.
Minimum fee $ 10.00
Additional Services Digital copy of artwork for reproduction.
Silver taping slides $ 2.50 each
Collating .11 each
Glass Mounting 5.00 each
Tray loading 8.25 per tray
Plastic page insertion 3.85 each page (includes archival page)
*Minimum Order Fee $2.50
Copy fee $  85.00
reproduction quality file, no guide print provided.
Copy fee $ 125.00
reproduction quality file, with guide print.
CD fee $  10.00
jpg or TIFF files in RGB