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Art Services

We rarely see a print damaged beyond restoration. You will be amazed at the magic our artists can perform from an old water stained, scratched or torn print.  Damaged photos, wet photos or even tightly rolled photos can often be rescued by our team of experts.  Tornadoes, hurricanes,  floods and even age can have a negative effect on your photos, but these cherished heirlooms can be copied and usually restored through processes we've perfected over many years of experience.  Although many of these photos may seem beyond repair, let us help you determine which ones can be restored to their original beauty. 

Before restoration


For years, we've offered touch ups and restoration. We now do a vast amount of retouching digitally, giving us extended capabilities.

Digital technology now allows us to do restorations that weren't possible a few years ago. We can bring back faded color and colorize black & white photos.

See our digital section for details.

After Restoration

Layout Work

Layout is normally needed when type is incorporated with a print. This service includes layout of type, negative stripping, or artwork to be either copied or printed.

Price:$45.00 per hour, $15.00 minimum.

 Layout Work

Retouching and Dust-Spotting

Dust Spotting

This is a standard, no-charge service on our premium and reproduction grade prints. Prints processed elsewhere will be charged a minimal fee of $1.00.
This is a 1 day service.