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    Shoot Your Ride!
    Taking Show-And-Tell
    to a whole new level.

    Call us at 316-264-3013 or Email us for an appointment to photograph your car, truck, or motorcycle on our "Shoot Your Ride" wheel.

    You can drop by to see us, and if time is availalbe, we'll give you a tour of the Shoot Your Ride studio.

Digital Services

Our talented artists use  Windows  technologies for compositing and page layout. Whether it's inserting your logo into an image, adding text to a photograph,  dpi's digital capabilities might be the answer. Bring us your layout and we can combine images from transparencies, negatives or flat art to create a file that can be used for various purposes.



We offer scanning to fit a variety of needs,   from low resolution jpg files needed for internet usage to high resolution scans in RGB tiff files.





For years, we've offered touch ups and restoration. We now do all retouching digitally.

Digital technology now allows us to do restorations that weren't possible a few years ago. We can bring back faded color and colorize black & white photos.


Digital Retouching
Slide Mounting