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Lamination offers protection against damaging fingerprints or moisture and is available in different thicknesses and surfaces. We can laminate many different kinds of materials and offer three different methods of lamination to cover just about any project that you may encounter. Rough trimming is included. Flush, 1/4", or special custom trimming is available at additional cost.


We offer hot roll, cold roll, press and pouch lamination. Whatever you wish to preserve, we have a laminating technique especially developed to work on almost any media and material type.

Cold Roll Lamination

Cold roll lamination may be used on most large subjects such as maps, photographs, posters and other similar flat art, especially because there is no heat needed to complete the process.


Hot Roll Lamination

Ideal for blueprints, photographs, posters, menus, or any other flat art that is less then 25" wide. It is available in 3 mil and 10 mil thickness in gloss only and is applied to both sides of your material at the same time. Our 10 mil laminate material has a high polyester content, so it laminates exceptionally clear with deep blacks and can have a protective liner on one side (1-2 day service).

High-Gloss Competition Lamination

Ideal for photographic prints for competitions. This high-gloss laminate is applied to both sides of your material at the same time. The protective liner on the face will prevent scratching and scuffing of the finished surface until it is presented at the competition (1-2 day service).


Pouch Lamination

Ideal for business cards & luggage tag use. Clips and luggage straps also available.

Press Lamination

Great for some large maps, posters, textured subjects or previously mounted art. This is a heat process available in matte surface only. This service not available for photographs.

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