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    Recently we added some new features to douglasphoto.com that we think you will enjoy and benefit from.  First of all is the Social Networking links (picture in the top row of the accompanying image); using these links you can email a page, add it to your blog, share it on Facebook or Tweet it.  If you would like to keep that page handy on your smartphone; you can click on the icon on the far right to generate a QR Code.  Scan that QR Code with your phone and you'll have to url entered into the phone automatically.  The "A" icons on the second row are used to reduce or enlarge the fonts on a page.  So if you're having any trouble reading a page you can click on the large "A" to enlarge the fonts.  We hope you'll give all of these features a try and find that they are as useful as we hope they will be.


We have responded to the many inquiries about special matting and framing needs by now offering over 250 different archival mattes, low UV glass, and a wide selection of metal and hard wood framing materials. Combined with our wide range of mounting & finishing services, your framed image can now receive the "final touches" all at one location.


Roll mounting can handle sizes of material 50" wide by 10' or longer. Our vacuum equipment is capable of mounting your photographs, art prints, posters, maps, and a variety of other visual items up to 4' x 8' on many mounting materials up to 1" thick. Our standard foamboard is Gatorboard in the 3/16" and 1/2" sizes. We flush mount unless otherwise requested.

Mounting Material
Presentation Boards

Presentation Board

This is a great way to preserve your portfolio for presentation. Artwork or photographs are mounted on colored paper (black is standard), laminated with glossy 10 mil hot roll and black felt applied to the back. Corners are rounded in either 1/4" or 1/8" radius. Additional charge for more than one subject per board.

 Price List