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    Lost your photos? Don't worry and don't do anything else until you get your digital media to Douglas Photographic Imaging.
    We can usually eliminate your worries by recovering your digital photos and movies.

    We'll save those precious files on CD or DVD and can provide prints or contact sheets at the same time.

    Click Here for more info.

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Greeting Cards
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B & W Kodalith Negatives
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For Digital SLR Cameras
Reduces the need for retouching

Digital Printing

Film Output
CD Archiving
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Digi Pics
Our team can work with you to produce your display transparencies and photographic prints up to 4'x10' on a wide variety of materials including canvas, vinyl or backlit transparency...
If you're interested in learning to better use your digital or film camera you can find several opportunities ...


Film Processing
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Our darkroom rental facilities are available to members only for a yearly membership and hourly fee...
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