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Rack and Hanger Processing
Rack and hanger processing

We use dip and dunk (a.k.a. rack and hanger) processors to assure scratch free film handling. Using this style of processor avoids the potential perils of roller-transport systems commonly used in one-hour labs.

Individual rolls are trimmed and clipped for secure hanging. Because of their lengths, some films are looped in the center to pass through the processor properly. By hanging film and dipping it into the processing tanks the film does not come into contact with any moving parts (which could cause damages).  Agitation in developer tanks is accomplished by nitrogen bursts at predetermined intervals. Compressed air is used for stop bath, bleaches, and all other tank solutions. Drying is accomplished in a filtered low temperature chamber after the final chemical process.  

Rack and hanger processing also gives us greater control over push/pull processing. Because of this we are able to offer custom processing to suit your creative needs. Most roller-transport systems are not capable of providing push/pull processing. We offer E-6, C-41, and Black and White processing from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. Monday thru Friday, in an approximate 3 hour turn around.