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    Social Networking links, and other 'stuff'...

    Recently we added some new features to douglasphoto.com that we think you will enjoy and benefit from.  First of all is the Social Networking links (picture in the top row of the accompanying image); using these links you can email a page, add it to your blog, share it on Facebook or Tweet it.  If you would like to keep that page handy on your smartphone; you can click on the icon on the far right to generate a QR Code.  Scan that QR Code with your phone and you'll have to url entered into the phone automatically.  The "A" icons on the second row are used to reduce or enlarge the fonts on a page.  So if you're having any trouble reading a page you can click on the large "A" to enlarge the fonts.  We hope you'll give all of these features a try and find that they are as useful as we hope they will be.

Price Lists
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Digital Copy of Paintings For A Show

Here at douglas photographic imaging we've been copying paintings and fine art work for over 34 years.  In today's market we completely understand the need for digital images that are sometimes necessary for judging submissions.  We can create digital images from your original Art Work and provide them on CD ready for email.

Full Image digital files with standard corrections:
5 x 7 (or smaller) size @ 300 dpi in jpg $ 21.50
Crop out frame or mat $   2.50
Add name, title, size to file name $   2.50
Put on a CD $   10.00