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Shoot Your Art - Web Hosting

Shoot Your Art Galleries

Douglas Photographic Imaging has been providing professional copy services for artists for over 30 years. We've created copy transparencies in sizes from 35mm to 8" x 10" and now provide a variety for digital options too.  Artists depend on us to create reproductions for distribution and to prepare images for competitions, show judging and web presentation.  So today we're also providing our Artist customers the opportunity to display images for sale via our website. 

In addition to offering the conventional copy and printing services you've come to know us for over the past 30+ years, we also now offer inkjet printing on Canvas and Fine Art mediums.  We're here to help you market and distribute your art to a broader market than ever before.  By providing the copy services, printing, display and distribution in a single location we can streamline your delivery to the customers.

We also have a generous lobby and hall that we can make available for displaying your art.

By displaying your art on the Shoot Your Art section of douglasphoto.com you can make it easy for potential customers to find you and your work.  Similar to hanging your work full-time in a brick-and-mortar gallery, clients will have the opportunity to see your works between shows, and better yet: 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

Our IT department works hard on search engine optimization to assure that you and your work will be found and easy to review using any of the largest web search engines.  Using "keywords" of your chosing we can make sure the subject of your art is searchable across the Internet.

Once the client finds a work they would like to purchase (in any of the print options we offer), they simply contact us to place the order.  We process the order using digital images that you leave on file with us, and ship the product directly to the client.  Each month we will send you a check for the net proceeds from your sales. 

It's easy to setup, affordable and flexible;

  • You pick the images you want displayed.
  • You select the print sizes and materials you want to offer.
  • You pick the pricing structure.
  • You write the Artist's Statement to be used on the web page.
  • You write a list of "keywords" to best describe your works.
  • We do the web page setup.
  • We keep the images on file to make the prints.
  • We deal with the customers and process the orders.
  • We accept credit cards, so you don't have to. 2
  • We ship directly to the customers.
  • We pay you the difference above the cost of production.



1-time setup fee1     $50 
Annual Hosting      $60
Gallery Updates3     $45 / Hour     
Domain Name Setup4 $75
Annual Domain Name $60

1 The 1-time setup fee includes:

  • Gallery setup with:
    • Up to 10 images.
      • Each image includes:
        • Name (Title )
        • Caption 
        • Full Description
        • Available print sizes and finishes
    • Artist's Statment, with optional photo or sample image.
    • Keywords for search engine optimization.

2 A fee is charge for credit card processing of orders.

3 Adding or changing images in your gallery is charged at a fee of $45 / hour with a $10 minimum charge.  As an example: adding 10 images would usually take about ½ hour.

4 A Domain Name is your personal "web address" or for instance: yourname.com. We will help you find a domain name that fits you and your art, register that name, and point it to your Shoot Your Art gallery.  That way you can have that domain name printed on your business cards to direct clients to your online gallery.  Domain names are leased on an annual basis, but can be renewed and secured for longer periods, and discounts will apply.